My brand of coaching is centred around the notion that training should be fun, flexible and something you’ll want to do forever. I specialise in body composition goals – gaining muscle and losing fat to reveal that muscle – via bodybuilding training protocols and nutritional guidance that makes the most of your training.

As a Shredded By Science Academy qualified personal trainer, I use an evidence-based approach to training and nutrition – science applied sensibly.

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Unlike most in the fitness industry, I don’t have a particularly athletic background and was a relative latecomer to lifting and fitness. I was keen on martial arts as a teenager, but then went on to develop video games at university and then professionally. In an industry where there’s a lot of screen-time and you’re never more than about half a meter from a jaffa cake, I got quite lazy and spent far too much time sat down. (I still develop games, but I walk around without pressing ‘w’ as well.)

With a sedentary lifestyle and a HUGE appetite, I spent over a decade unhappy with my body, and tried pretty much every weight loss method, group and class going, but they were all completely unsustainable since I was hungry all the time. At 28, while punishing myself with another 60 minutes on a cross-trainer because that’s what I thought I should be doing, I got curious about the free weights area – the guys in there were laughing and joking and enjoying their workout, it looked like way more fun than what I was doing. I picked up a dumbbell out of curiosity and never really put it down, developed a love for resistance training and later bodybuilding, and began to read anything and everything I could find on the subject (NERRRDDD!)


I originally took my PT qualification as a means to inform the development of my fitness games and apps. But as I learned, met other coaches, and got to know the fitness industry and its clients, I realised that a little education goes a long way to changing people’s mindsets and habits, and wanted to be able to do that directly as well.

The road to muscle is paved with misinformation and dodgy pre-workouts, pitfalls and plateaus, but the process is so much fun and the results are bangin’, so let’s do this!